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How To: Fake Finger Waves like Edith from Downton Abbey and Charlize Theron


Photo: PBS

Retro finger waves have been popular for a few years now. Charlize Theron and Megan Fox have both worn them on the red carpet, but it wasn’t until Edith from Downton Abbey started wearing them this season that we really fell for the look. Although authentic finger waves are arduous and time-consuming to attempt (they involve shaping each wave with your fingers), you can fake the same look with less time and effort.

Note: This look is easiest to do if the front layers of your hair are between your chin and shoulders in length.

Click through for the step-by-step photo tutorial:
To start you’ll need:
Hair gel
Sectioning clips
1-inch curling iron
Flat brush


1) Start by working a gel into damp hair for hold. For a modern, softer take on the style, we like Curly Hair Solutions™ Curl Keeper, which keeps curls intact without frizz. Then blow-dry hair using a round brush to get hair smooth and fairly straight.

2) Create a deep side part and section hair into three pieces. You should have two sections on either side of your head from the back of your ear forward, and one section in the back. Use a comb for precise lines.


3) Start on the side of your head with more hair. Take a 1-to-2-inch section of hair, clamp the curling iron near the root, and curl under one half-turn. Release the curling iron and curl the same section of hair over one half-turn, starting at the bottom of the first half-curl. Continue alternating curls over and under until you reach the end of your hair or the bottom of your ear.

4) Continue curling 1-to-2-inch sections of hair on both sides in the same way. If your hair reaches past your ears, curl the rest of your hair towards your face.


5) Gently brush waves with a flat brush to set wave pattern.

6) Curl the back section of hair normally.


7) Spray hair all over with hairspray and add bobby pins if you like.


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