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In the 9th century, Persian women and men crushed thousands of fresh blossoms to score a few drops of sweet-smelling oil. Like these ancient beauty gurus (and early Birchbox Men), I have my own perfume ritual. 

Every couple months, I rearrange my prized—and ever-growing—perfume collection and choose one bottle (and therefore one scent) to take center stage. (Dorky, I know!) But it keeps me from falling into a rut and forces me to cycle through all my favorites. This month, I’m loving Juicy Couture’s latest scent, Juicy Couture La La, which makes me feel ultrafeminine.

With bright opening notes that mellow into a body of soft floral notes,  the blend is fresh and pretty without being overtly girly. It’s the perfect thing to pair with a vintage cocktail ring, cashmere sweater, and cigarette pants—or maybe just your usual jeans and tee. 

Beyond the packaging and lush scent, I love that Juicy created Juicy Couture La La as an ode to fearless free spirits. Every time I wear it I can’t help thinking of the free spirit who inspired my perfume mantra: Andy Warhol. The iconic artist once explained,

“I switch perfumes all the time. If I’ve been wearing one perfume for three months, I force myself to give it up, even if I still feel like wearing it, so whenever I smell it again it will always remind me of those three months.”

What new scent are you adding to your fragrance wardrobe?


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