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The Balm That Totally Saved My Chapped Winter Lips


One of my biggest gripes during the winter is, without a doubt, terribly chapped lips. Even if I do every at-home remedy—use a sugar scrub, exfoliate with a toothbrush—I can’t seem to keep my lips soft, supple, and generally not painfully cracked. It’s something that I’ve been struggling with for as long as I can remember—which is why I was pretty desperate to try anything that friends and colleagues claimed actually worked. (I am not ashamed to say that I have tried Waxelene, Vaseline, and all other leen-alternatives.)

Enter a product that I never would have thought would do the trick: Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips. Stay with me, because I know you just saw the word nipple and are either wholly concerned or were sold immediately (right, Moms?). But for those of you who aren’t as familiar with the concept of nipple balm, let me have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to this cult favorite product of British makeup artists. (And even better? Some of you will receive this product in your February Birchbox!)

Dr. Lipp’s Nipple Balm for Lips was originally created to help soothe dried-out skin around the, er, nipple area after nursing. But because of the gel’s ultramoisturizing properties—including lanolin to mimic your body’s natural oils and lipids to seal in moisture—it also happens to help out ridiculously chapped lips. As editor Meredith put it, “If you have chapped winter lips, this is the product for you.” 

The thick, gel-like texture of the balm smooths onto skin in a way that almost reminds me of Neosporin, but what so impressed me about the formula is that it absorbs into lips and sinks into skin within a few minutes. (Unlike petroleum jelly, there are no leftover globules of cream that feel like they’re suffocating your lips). Even when my pout is at its most cracked and parched, I can put on the balm and my lips feel moisturized for a few hours.

Have you ever tried a nipple balm before? Tell us what you thought in the comments!


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