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How to Winter-Proof Your Leather Shoes


I have a teeny tiny shoe addiction, with a particular weakness for pretty leather boots in the winter. Not only are they stylish and totally comfortable, the knee-high variety keep my lower extremities warm once temperatures drop into the freezing range. (If you’re in New York right now, you know exactly what I mean—it feels like single digits outside!) The only pitfall? Most leather booties weren’t designed to stand up to slush, rain, and dirty gutter puddles.

Luckily, Birchbox Man has pulled together three easy-to-use tips to help me weather-proof all my footwear. From the natural water-repelling bar you have to try to the pantry ingredients you can use to get rid of nasty salt stains, here’s what you need to know to winter-proof your leather shoes


Another common shoe snafu I run into? Walking in high heels—here’s how to get the most from your stilettos.

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