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Improve Your Finances in Just 10 Minutes—Seriously!

Until we met LearnVest, our idea of being financially responsible was shopping at sample sales. But the online personal finance and lifestyle resource has changed the way we think about money—for the better. It’s filled with tools and support to help women gain control over their finances (for a taste, just check out their free Financial Bootcamp series). This January, as we focus on ways to make this our best year ever, we’re tapping the LearnVest experts to give you their best advice! It’ll be fun and educational, we promise.


You’re busy. We’re busy. And we’ve all got stuff to do.

It’s our inner procrastinators that get us in trouble: The longer we put something off, the more we continue to put it off. And the small tasks that will help our financial lives can sometimes be the ones that we put off the most.

The key is to pick the low-hanging fruit first. To that end, we’re bringing you a few quick wins to get you started and help you get your money organized.

Clean Out Your Wallet

Spend a few minutes emptying your wallet. Divide the contents between what you should keep in your wallet and what you shouldn’t (old receipts and other junk). 

Set Up a $5 Jar

From now on, stop spending $5 bills. Instead, store all of the fivers you receive as change, and let them accumulate.

Link Your Accounts to the LearnVest My Money Center

Connect your financial accounts in the My Money Center so you only have to visit one dashboard to see the big picture (including both your spending and your budget).

Motivate Yourself

Try setting up a small reward for yourself if you keep to your budget goals each month, such as indulging in a red velvet cupcake for saving a full 10% of your salary that month.

Go on a Commerce Purge

Register with the National Do Not Call Registry to avoid telemarketers, and use Catalog Choice to unsubscribe from all those catalogs you never actually asked for.

Remove a Fee

As a result of new debit card rules that hurt banks’ bottom lines, more and more banks are charging extra fees. So pick up the phone and call your bank to try to get your fees reversed (minimum balance fees, overdraft fees, anything).

Set Your Monthly Personal Goal

Try breaking up your financial goals by month. Write it down on a Post-It that you stick to your computer.

Do a Little Catch-Up

We know that you don’t always have time to read every single article you mean to, so take a few minutes to catch up on emails, including the Daily newsletter from LearnVest! You’ll pick up helpful tips along the way on everything from credit scores to investing. 

Special Offer for BB Readers: Get exclusive access to a free 15-minute financial checkup with a LearnVest Planning financial expert, plus a 20% discount on any Planning Package by visiting and using the code BIRCHBOX20 at checkout. 

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