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What Do Herbs Have To Do With Radiance?: Guest Blogger

As skincare buffs, we wish we could spend our days wandering the world in search of the latest miracle serum, but most of the time we have to wait for the best products to find us. That’s why we’re fans of Peach and Lily, a blog and new online boutique that brings hard-to-find, best-selling beauty products from Korea and Japan to the US. This week, Alicia Yoon and Cindy Kim, the site’s co-founders, will be sharing their globetrotting experiences and dispensing their hard-earned wisdom. 

Human skin is constantly being renewed as young fresh cells migrate up to the outermost layer that eventually hardens and peels off. Meanwhile, the harsh environment wreaks havoc on the skin. Herbs are used to help maintain the critical balance of acidity and the microfloral cover that gives skin a youthful glow. The body’s critical energy, or qi, flows better when there’s an equal balance of yin and yang. (Read: All this leads to radiant skin.)


The idea behind herbal skincare, which has been around for thousands of years, i that certain herbs are carefully selected to address specific needs and to help maintain a necessary balance for healthy skin. Dry skin, for example, requires herbs that purify blood and improve circulation. Oily skin on the other hand needs to be soothed and cooled down. Wrinkle-prone, fragile skin needs herbs that promote fresh “qi.”

The many years of practitioners using herbal remedies, plus decades of lab work, have created an incredible category of bestselling beauty products that use herbal ingredients to restore the skin’s natural balance and glow.

Which is why Peach and Lily set off to find our favorite herbal skincare line while in Korea, a beauty mecca—and we found a winner: Be the Skin!

As with any serious line of skincare, Be the Skin picks very specific ingredients for its individual regimens—each with a tailored set of herbs that are meant to tackle different issues. One line combats extreme dry skin, while another adds glow to lackluster, tired skin, and a third focuses on minimizing pores and controlling oil production.


We love that all this is done with the use of natural formulas. To boot, the brand uses powerful botanical ingredients like bee-derived royal jelly and Alaskan glacier water. When I tried the line specifically made for dry skin I loved it. Not only was it gentle, but also so moisturizing that I felt like I’d had balance restored to my skin. 


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