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What’s on the Birchbox Editors’ Desks: Makeup Artist Edition

In case you couldn’t tell by our posts earlier, today was video shoot day at Birchbox! That means arriving extra early to our studio, going through scripts, setting up the perfect camera angles, and best of all…having makeup artist Nam Vo work her magic! We thought we’d take the opportunity to show you Nam’s desk o’ makeup. This is a lot for even us to take in!

1.     Notice the amazing set of Jouer cream eyeshadows near the center of the image? Color us insanely jealous - Nam actually has the entire Jouer makeup collection to use on her editorial shoots.

2.     Another Birchbox favorite, the Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder mattifies our shiny foreheads so we look as polished at the end of the day as we did at 8AM. Quite a feat for a single product. 

3.     Smashbox High Definition Foundation smooths our models’ skin and gets them ready for filming in HD. No visible pores here!

Holy makeup brushes, Batman!


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