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Resolution: Make One Dish Perfectly


Here’s my game plan to impress an entire dinner party in the near future: Make this ridiculously delicious pork chop dish. (Photo: Alex Farnum)

While I love reading our Editorial Director Mollie’s recaps of creating delicious dishes and unforgettable feasts, the sad truth is that I would barely consider myself a cook. (My current specialties: pasta with canned sauce, cereal and milk, and re-heated takeout.) This year, I’ve resolved to both save money and eat healthier by whipping up more recipes at home.

Now, courtesy of Birchbox Man and the cooks from Mile End Delicatessen and Roberta’s in Brooklyn, I’ve found the first dish that I’m going to master: Pork Chops with Apple Chutney. Serious endeavor? Possibly. Likely to totally amaze anybody when I make it for them in the future? Yes x 100. 

Skip on over to the Birchbox Man Guide to find out more on the one dish you need to make for a knockout dinner party.


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