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4 Weeks of Kérastase: Check Out The Results!

Just over a month ago, I was fortunate enough to pay a visit to the very chic Dop Dop salon in Soho for a much needed set of highlights. My colorist Noelle Chen, the director of education and one of the salon’s master stylist, took incredibly good care of me and I was thrilled with the results. (Nothing like boosting your blonde to put a pep in your step.) While at Dop Dop, I tried a Kérastase Fusio Dose treatment, a post-color, pre-blowout concoction designed to help damaged hair. While I was impressed by how it sleek it made my newly dyed strands feel, one treatment wasn’t going to get my hair back to its pre-bleached health. I would need to stick to a strict haircare regimen, which is why I turned to Kérastase’s celebrated three-step system. 

For the last month, I’ve been using the Bain Chroma Riche shampoo, the Chroma Reflect radiance-enhancing milk, and the Masque Chroma Riche every time I wash my hair. These products, which were all created with color-treated hair in mind, actually improve hair’s texture over time. Click through to see how my hair has fared over the last four weeks as a result of my new ritual


Week 1: The quality of my hair pre- and post-color is noticeably different. At this point, my hair feels more dried out and it looks much frizzier. For the first couple washes, I leave the Masque Chroma Riche on for at least five minutes. I can tell in the shower as I am running my hands through my hair that if I don’t take this extra strep, my hair will have that horrid over-processed, stringy quality. 


Week 2: There’s no doubt that my hair is in better shape than it was the week before. It’s definitely still on the drier side, but not quite so starchy. 


Week 3: I can tell that my hair is really recovering. The shine is back and while I still use the Masque after shampooing, it’s not quite as necessary as it once was and I don’t have to leave it on as long. 


Week 4: Rejoice, my hair is finally feeling back to normal! Even though it still has a dry texture (an inevitable result of color-treating hair), it’s softer and feels strong and healthy again. I know that this has everything to do with my shampooing routine, because after years of getting my color done, nothing has ever made my hair bounce back this fast. 

What’s your favorite haircare brand for color treated hair? We want to hear from you in the comments below!


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