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Prepping For Crop Top Season: Guest Blogger

As much as we love fast fashion and popular style from the Zaras and Bloomingdales of the world, sometimes we just want a beautiful, totally unique piece from an adorable boutique. Enter Shoptiques, an e-commerce site that allows you to shop local stores in the U.S. and Paris. This week, Tracey Wallace—Shoptique’s Director of Content—is giving us the lowdown on the best shops and how to pick standout pieces that play up your individual style.


The fashion community has been dreading spring 2013 ever since the rise of the cropped top was predicted as the season’s biggest trend. From Oscar de la Renta to Ruffian and everywhere in between, the crop top style was all over the runways in September, and I know that I have been quite consciously sucking in ever since.

Now that the holidays are over (and the scale is showing five more pounds than it should be), the cropped top look does not seem like something to be super excited about. But mastering this trend doesn’t have to be dreadfulor involve a strict diet. Instead, a few simple changes to your lifestyle can help to whittle your middle in preparation for the ensuing spring.

1) Cut out late night eating. When you eat dinner before 7PM and manage not to snack throughout the night (alcoholic beverages included!), your body’s natural metabolism burns off the day’s calories without loading up on more. Chug a full glass of water right before bed too for a nightly body cleanse and you’ll easily lose at least a pound a month.

2) If you’re prone to overeating, don’t change your eating habits, change what you’re eating. Switch out the potatoes with cabbage and the steak with quinoa. Be smart about what you are putting in and the amount will matter less.

3) To lose the holiday weight fast, eliminating alcohol is really your best bet. One trick is to just supplement tea in place of a cocktail. Putting alcohol to the side for a couple months will help to cleanse your system and slim you down. 

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