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How to Sell Your Clothes Online


if you’re a compulsive shopper like me, your closet is likely overflowing with cast-offs that haven’t seen the light of day since the Bush administration. I recently made a vow to clean out my closet and make a few extra bucks—call it a New Year’s Resolution if you will. Lucky for me, there are plenty of websites out there that aim to connect motivated sellers with buyers. Read on for a list of my picks, plus tips for maximizing the chances that your clothes will actually sell.


The oldest, and by far the most well-known, online destination for secondhand clothing. You can auction off your clothing, set a “buy it now” price, or ask for a “best offer.” The audience of potential buyers is large, but so are the number of listings which means your items could get lost in the crowd.


If the idea of selling clothes from your iPhone appeals to you, check out Threadflip’s mobile app. This seems to work like Instagram for clothes—you can take pictures of pieces with your phone, then upload them to sell. Super easy. You can also browse their website, which functions like a shoppable Pinterest. 

Hello Lamode

Geared towards designer labels, this new site vets each piece sold for authenticity and quality before passing it along to the buyer. 

Material Wrld

This start-up (who are friends with our very own Katia, Hayley, and Mollie) lets you create a digital closet complete with autobiographical info to provide a context for your clothes.


Don’t want to deal with the hassle of posting your own listings? You may want to consider this site. You send them pics of your designer clothing and they make offers for the pieces they want to buy.

Tips for new sellers:

  • Take good pictures. Buyers want to get a sense of how the piece fits, so snap a photo of it on a mannequin or wearing it yourself (you can always crop out your face). Make sure you have good light, a neutral background, and wrinkle-free clothing.
  • Price to sell. Be realistic about how much you can expect to receive for a secondhand piece. Those boots you purchased for $300 five years ago are most likely only worth a fraction of the original retail price.
  • Be descriptive. Take the time to write a concise, detailed blurb about each item. Say whether an item is new with tags (a major plus), like new, or in good condition. If a piece has flaws such as a stain, mention it—or risk an angry buyer who will demand a return. 


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