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Play the Matching Game and Guess Our Accessories: Special Ops

We’re always talking about the staffers in the Birchbox office, but the ones who you interact with everyday are the ladies of our hard-working Ops team. These fabulous femmes handle all of your customer service woes. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know them even better—so here’s a peek at who’s on the other side of the phone.

Each day we have the pleasure of getting to know our customers through our chats on the phone, via email, and on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. To help you learn a little more about us, we thought we’d play a fun guessing game!

Here are three Ops beauties: Sonia (a), Jennie (b), and Whitney (c). Randomly placed below is a signature accessory that belongs to one of them, featured in the numbered pictures 1-3. All of these ladies love helping our customers, but read on to find out more about their personal style and see if you can guess which accessory belongs to them!  


A. Sonia

Sonia’s style philosophy is “I need to be comfortable above all. If I can look remotely cute while being so that’s a bonus.” Sonia earns those bonus points each day sporting cute, laid-back looks with touches of trends.

B. Jennie

Jennie describes her style as “California flower child meets New York chic.” This fashion guru has honed her look after spending time working in retail, and always has a picture perfect #ootd (Outfit of the Day). Plus, she has a serious knack for mixing textures.

C. Whitney

“My style is whatever my mom picks out,” says Whitney. “I hate shopping.” Although she may not love shopping, Whitney puts together fun and colorful outfits that reflect her bright personality.

Can you guess which item belongs to each of them? 


Dying to know the answers? Okay, here’s the lowdown: A: 2, B: 3, C: 1. Did you guess correctly? Tweet @BirchboxOps and tell us!

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