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How to Wear Atypical Accessories: Guest Blogger

As much as we love fast fashion and popular style from the Zaras and Bloomingdales of the world, sometimes we just want a beautiful, totally unique piece from an adorable boutique. Enter Shoptiques, an e-commerce site that allows you to shop local stores in the U.S. and Paris. This week, Tracey Wallace—Shoptique’s Director of Content—is giving us the lowdown on the best shops and how to pick standout pieces that play up your individual style.


Evil Eye Bracelet, $60,

The hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces is a never-ending process. Boutiques generally beat out bigger chain stores when it comes to original items that speak to the buyer, the store, and the designer all at the same time. It is truly the style trifecta and it allows you the opportunity to forever say, “Oh, I just picked it up at this little shop.”

But atypical pieces aren’t always the easiest to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. The trick is using them in ways that are subtle yet surprising. Here are my best tips to getting it right every single time: 

1) Don’t go too overboard with the color or shape. When buying a statement accessory, make sure that if you are a woman dedicated to gold or silver, that your piece matches that general aesthetic. Unless you are a pro at mixing and matching hardware, an atypical accessory in an opposing color will take away from your outfit rather than add to it.

2) Make sure that the piece speaks to you. Every statement accessory should have a story, whether you picked it up at a tiny boutique in Paris or scored it off the Internet, be sure that you really love it. A Flaming Lip ring is only as unique and original as the meaning behind why you bought it. Who cares if the reason is that you wanted it in a tattoo, but couldn’t find a talented enough artist? Make it wear-worthy!

3) Add an element of surprise to a unique find and allow others to experience the same delight that you had when you first saw it. A bold brocade pattern is nice, but a touch of a muted horse pattern on hidden-heel sneakers is just the touch that will make people look twice, and then ask you where in the world you found it. 

One of our favorite statement pieces is this By Boe Amazon necklace

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