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Not Quite a Cookie But Still Pretty Delicious: Harvey Prince Skinny Chic


I love brands with a good back story, and it doesn’t get much better than Harvey Prince. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: brothers Shaan Hathiramani and Raj Hathiramani create a scent for their mother; mom loves scent; scent explodes into an international fragrance business. Sheesh, the best present I ever gave my mom was an iPad. 

Beyond making legions of kids feel like inadequate parental parent-gifters, Harvey Prince is all about creating functional fragrances. (Read: scents that do more than smell nice.) Their first creation, Ageless, features notes designed to make you feel more youthful; Eau Flirt sneakily includes ingredients proven to attract the opposite sex; and Hello has layers of optimistic citrus and florals.

For their latest trick, Harvey Prince has concocted a sweet blend designed to suppress cravings and boost energy. Skinny Chic combines green apple, marine mint, lotus blossom, grapefruit, and other crisp notes. The idea is simple: whether or not the scent helps you avoid, say, an afternoon brownie, it will make you feel polished and conquer-the-world fabulous. It’s not just marketing speak: studies have shown that certain notes—including mint, green apple, and vanilla—have the power to dull appetites. Shaan says, “The scent is designed to be refreshing, energizing, encouraging, and we chose notes that are drawn from scents that keep distractions, cravings, and laziness at bay.” 

While I can’t say it’s ever worked for me (nothing comes between me and my favorite snacks), it’s kind of a moot point when the fragrance in question smells like a blossomy spring day. It’s just what I need on a dreary Hump Day, and some of you will be receiving a sample of it in this month’s Birchbox!


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