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A Mesmerizing Hair Routine That Mends Stressed Strands


Remember those red and yellow lava lamps they sold in mall gift shops back in the 90s? I really sort of loved them. For all their kitschy and hilarious tendencies, I was always transfixed when I would watch those pretty orbs of color gently floating up and down. Which is why I got excited when I found an unexpected haircare star that bears a striking resemblance to the ill-fated lighting devices: Ojon’s rare blend™ oil Total Hair Therapy

I’ve been eyeing this futuristic three-tiered oil ever since it landed in the Birchbox Shop. Not only does the strikingly colored bottle look awesome (and hit those nostalgic heart strings for me), it really works to restore damaged hair—and some of you will have the chance to try it yourselves in this month’s Birchbox! If patience is not your strong suit, click through to learn more about what to expect from this versatile product. 


(Photo: Once Upon a Beat)

While the founders of Ojon very likely weren’t referencing lava lamps while creating their nifty hair saver, they were definitely feeling inspired when they dreamed up the formula, a pretty concoction of amber yellow, clear, and red layers. This oil features a hefty dose of ojon oil from Central America, along with Rouge Oleifera, the red pulp of the ojon nut that contains tons of antioxidants. There’s also Tahitian Monoi (aka coconut) oil and African Marula oil along with a host of other exotic actives. 

Likewise, Ojon’s rare blend™ Deep Conditioner uses a similar blend of exotic plant oils to restore shine and repair years’ worth of damage. After a few uses, my strands were noticeably softer and more manageable—which means I can spend less time fussing over them in the morning.

Suffice to say I’ll be turning to these revitalizing wonders whenever I need to a little pick-me-up.


Grab these miracle-workers in the Birchbox Shop right now. 

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