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How to Pack and Purge Your Desk: Special Ops

We’re always talking about the staffers in the Birchbox office, but the ones who you interact with everyday are the ladies of our hard-working Ops team. These fabulous femmes handle all of your customer service woes. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know them even better—so here’s a peek at who’s on the other side of the phone.

Birchbox is starting the New Year in a new office! We’re thrilled to be in a new space, but to make the move possible, we had plenty of supplies and memories to sort through first. Weeks ago, the Ops team started a “Pack and Purge” mission to prepare for the big move. Packing? Easy. Purging? Not so much. 

As we dug in, we realized that we were taking and tossing items based on our personalities. So whether you’re a pack rat collector, a pared-down minimalist, or a holiday-card hoarding sentimentalist, here’s a quick reference for how to pack (or clean!) your desk.


(Clockwise from top left: Nicole’s polka dot mug; Noha’s gold camel; old paperwork)

The Minimalist

Lead Operations Associate Noha and Associate Nicole have always had tidy desks with simple accents; clutter is not in their dictionaries. Knowing that we’d be relocating, Nicole and Noha started purging early and avoided bringing new items to work.

What did Nicole pack? Her polka dot mug, of course (because you still need coffee).
And Noha? Her golden camel, a keepsake from travels abroad.
What did they purge? Old paperwork, because you don’t bring sand to the beach.

(Clockwise from top left: Alexandra’s favorite polishes; Emily’s adorable cauldron; snacks that needed to be tossed)

The Collector

Operations Manager Emily and Associate Alexandra love keeping everything they could ever need (and sometimes more) at their fingertips. From samples to snacks, these girls are always prepared. But because of that, they also had to say goodbye to some of their prized possessions for the move.

What could Emily not part with? Her fun cauldron.
And Alexandra? Her favorite nail polishes for this season.
What did both girls purge? Food and snacks.

(Clockwise from top left: Paulina’s notes from friends and customers; Sarah’s family pics; odds and ends to be thrown away)

The Sentimentalist

Lead Operations Associate Paulina and I treasure our personal keepsakes and showcase them on our desks. Letters from customers, photos of friends, and memories from trips act as our decorations. But we both had some clutter parading as important mementos. So we sorted out what truly made us happy to look at each day.

What could Paulina not live without? Thank you notes from customers and friends.
And me? Pictures of my family.
What did we both get rid of? Papers and small knickknacks that we no longer needed. 

Whether you’re packing for a big move, or just trying to tidy up, here are our team’s top tips:

1. Keep your space (whether work or home) organized and filled with what you need most, so when it’s time for a change, the hard part of sorting is already done!

2. Create “Pack”, “Maybe”, and “Purge” piles every so often to keep your space organized and clutter-free.

3. Most importantly, if you even think about whether an item is a “maybe,” it probably means it should be purged.

What are your packing techniques?


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