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Truth Art Beauty: Customized Skincare + Healthy Ingredients

Emily and Caron, founders of Truth Art Beauty.

In theory, there’s something very enticing about the idea of puttering around in the kitchen, mixing together essential oils and vitamins to create your own personal beauty blend. In reality, it’s not that easy — it’s messy, requires tracking down ingredients, and the blends don’t always work out. Now you can get the DIY fix without all legwork. Truth Art Beauty, which launched last month, lets you design your own custom skincare blends from their collection of high-quality natural ingredients. Founders Emily Graham and Caron Proschan met in business school, where they realized that they were both healthy food and healthy beauty junkies. They merged their two interests in Truth Art Beauty, which goes by the philosophy that we should be as finicky about the ingredients we put in our skincare as the ones we put in our body. But it’s not just about healthy, organic ingredients — Truth Art Beauty is all about customized skincare. Their user-friendly website lets you create your own blend, which they they whip up in their New York lab and send directly to you. If you don’t know where to start, you can pick from some of their favorite combinations. For inspiration, we asked Caron and Emily to tell us how they created their own personal blends. 


Skin type: Combination. Can range from super oily to super dry, which is pretty frustrating. Skin concern(s): Uneven texture and anti aging. With some dry areas and some oily areas, it’s always been a struggle for me to achieve that perfectly smooth, even texture. I’m also definitely starting to notice some fine lines, and in my view, it’s never too early to start an anti-aging regime. I wish I had known that in my early 20s!

Best blend: Ultimate Face Nourish Blend: Raspberry + Rosehip + Pumpkin. Why? Raspberry is an amazing oil, packed with antioxidants, so it’s really hydrating and protective. I add a bit of Rosehip, which is our anti-aging boost. Rosehip is actually a natural source of retinoic acid - what you find in Retin A - which is what helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and scars. For texture refining, I also add Pumpkin into my blend. It’s a natural source of salicylic acid, so it helps exfoliate the skin and even out texture. This is my go-to blend; I use it morning and night and it also doubles as my makeup primer.


Skin type: Oily to Normal. But this winter, I did experience some occasional dryness as well. Skin concern(s): Redness and occasional acne. I’m fair and so redness and even skin tone has been one of my biggest concerns. I also still suffer from the occasional breakout that is probably stress/hormone related.

Best blend: Ultimate Face Nourish Blend: Argan + Borage. Because I’m prone to breaking out, I was hesitant to try face oil. But it’s now become my staple moisturizer. Treating oil with oil sounds counterintuitive, but I was stripping my skin dry with my old toner plus water-based moisturizer. My skin was overcompensating for the lack of deep nourishment by producing even more oil. Argan has sebum regulating properties, so it balances the skin’s oil production and has really helped restore my skin to a normal state. I also add Borage into my blend. It contains gamma linolenic acid which is a unique anti-inflammatory that soothes irritated skin.


Check back tomorrow for Caron and Emily’s best tips on picking the right ingredients!

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