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How to Find the Right Red Lip For You: Guest Blogger

It can be a bit of a black hole trying to sort through all the anti-aging beauty products on the market. That’s why we look to the all-knowing Jonell Copeland, the editor of the Ageist Beauty, a blog that focuses on dishing out beauty advice to ladies aged 35-50. This week, she’s giving us all the deets on her holiday season musts!


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A red lip is an easy way to add a bit of holiday flair, sophistication and fun to your look. It can be universally flattering, if you choose the right lipstick.

Here are four easy-to-follow tips on how to make a crimson pout work for you:

1) Go for light coverage everywhere else: Take it easy on the foundation and powder. Use a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin instead. Even better, use minimal concealer and only where needed, then finish it off with a touch of loose powder. Heavy coverage and a bright red lip will make you look like you’re headed for an appearance on TV.

2) Choose the right shade: All reds are not created equally. There are many different shades of red, some have a cool or blue base, some have a warm or yellow base. If your skin has warm undertones choose a red with shades of orange or brown. Those with cool undertones should choose a red with hints of pink or blue. A good starting point is looking to your foundation or tinted moisturizer—if you ask a makeup artist or store assistant help you color-match, they can very likely tell you what undertones you have. 

3) Choose the correct formulation for you: Not everyone looks good in glossy, red lipstick—that’s an unfortunate truth. My general rule of thumb is that once you are beyond your early 30s, semi-matte formulas are your best bet. Completely matte can age your appearance a bit, since it makes lips look wrinkly.

4) Wear it with Confidence!: Choose the right red and you will stand out in the crowd—in a good way. Reds are meant to be worn with chutzpah. If not, you’ll look like you are that naughty girl that just got caught in her mother’s makeup drawer. So, celebrate your joie de vivre and the New Year—pick the right red for you and rock it with confidence!

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