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My One-Step Solution for Dark Circles and Undereye Bags


While I love the holidays, this time of year is always exhausting—blame the mix of work craziness, non-stop happy hours and parties, and not nearly enough sleep. It’s no wonder that I’m rocking some major dark circles and puffy bags for weeks. In past years, I would just pile on the concealer and bear it. But since starting at Birchbox, I’ve discovered that there’s a better, more effective option: investing in a great eye cream.

I’d tried plenty of eye creams in college in an attempt to fight off what would eventually become a chronic dark circle situation. But nothing was particularly effective and I ended up feeling like I’d basically shelled out for an expensive bottle of hand cream. Little did I know that I just needed to find the right formula. That’s why I was happily surprised when I tried Benefit’s It’s Potent Eye Cream, a multitasking formula built to not only take down dark circles but also help fight fine lines and deflate puffiness.

The cream is packed with cocoa extract, a natural source of caffeine that boosts circulation and brightens dark circles. It also has sodium hyaluronate to replenish moisture, and apple extract to pump up collagen production. Benefit’s cream is thick and smooth, so it feels particularly soothing when dabbed on skin. The best part, though? After just three days using the cream I saw a noticeable brightening of my under eye area and much smaller bags.

If you are new to eye creams, here’s one tip: always use your ring finger to gently tap a small amount beneath your eyes and along the brow bone. Rubbing the cream in, as you would on the rest of your face, can damage the delicate skin in this area.


Concerned that eye creams won’t do the trick? Here’s another trick for how to get rid of dark circles without concealer.

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