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Make Any Fragrance Travel-Friendly With This One Tool


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an “on-the-go beauty” type of girl. About 95% of the beauty products I own are small, light, and very purse-friendly. Huge eyeshadow palettes? No thank you. Sample-sized mascaras and lipsticks? Love them. Which is why whenever it’s time for me to invest in a new fragrance, I’m always faced with the same dilemma: what size do I buy it in? 

Purchasing the largest size of any product is always the best bet in terms of cost—the smaller the amount you buy, the greater the cost per ounce. But there’s the part of me that cries out for a rollerball in my evening clutch, not a bulky bottle that looks fantastic on my vanity but can’t go anywhere.

But then I received this Flo atomizer, and it’s a complete game-changer. Simply add some of your favorite perfume into the super portable case and your fragrance is now TSA-ready. Unlike other atomizers, which often require you to mess with funnels or pipettes, this one is ridiculously easy to use, and can work with literally any type of perfume bottle. Read on to see how it’s done!


Here’s the Flo atomizer with both top and bottom removed. The spray top pops off easily with a gentle pull while the bottom screws off, exposing a sort of rubber funnel. This is where your perfume will go. 


For perfumes that come in spray bottles, like this one from Chloé, you’ll want to hold the atomizer at a 45 degree angle. There’s a plastic tab on one side of the rubber funnel that will go on top of a perfume nozzle and is used to help push the nozzle down. The great part about the rubber funnel is that it’s shaped to fit the round shape of the nozzle, and will compress when you squeeze the perfume nozzle down, ensuring that no waste occurs. The atomizer will fit about 0.16 oz of liquid, which is approximately 55 sprays, so do somewhat keep track of how much you’re spritzing in there. 


What’s also awesome is the fact that the atomizer can easily be used with mini perfumes that don’t come with sprays. You simply hold the atomizer upside down with the funnel facing up, and carefully pour your perfume in. 


So, that’s it! You screw the bottom back onto the atomizer after transferring the desired amount of fragrance, and you can carry your favorite perfume around with you all day.

What happens when you find a new signature perfume, you ask? Easy enough—just fill the atomizer with alcohol and let sit for one day, then spray the alcohol through and rinse with hot water before refilling. 

As this atomizer is only a little bit larger than your average tube of lipstick, you can keep it with you in literally any size purse. Major bonuses? It’s completely leak-free, so you don’t need to worry about transferring even your most expensive perfume, and since it’s refillable, it’s super cost-effective and eco-friendly. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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