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Good News! Gel Manis Actually Don’t Increase Skin Cancer Risk


No need to worry about the UV lamps at nail salons. (Photo: Fox)

We’ve been a bit wary of gel manicures ever since we heard that the superspeedy UV lamps used to set lacquer may lead to skin cancer. Now it turns out that there’s no cause for alarm: a new study conducted by two independent researchers found that it would take 13,000 to 40,000 nail-drying sessions (the equivalent of 250 years’ worth of weekly manicures) to marginally raise the risk of developing skin cancer. Unlike the lamps used in tanning beds, nail lamps use “narrowband UVB” rays, which are regarded as much safer. 

The conclusion? Don’t be afraid to spring for a gel manicure at the salon—although we always recommend applying SPF to your hands since they’re prone to photoaging when exposed to the sun. Since, you know, the last time we checked the sun still emits as many UV rays as ever. 


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