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Is it Time For a Haircut?: Guest Blogger

You could say Melanie Allen knows a thing or two about good hair. As the Marketing Manager and Content Editor of My Best Friend’s Hair—which helps readers find awesome stylists, salons and products—Melanie is particularly knowledgeable about all things ‘do. That’s why this week she’s giving us the scoop on salon etiquette, growing out your bangs, and more. image

With friends, work, relationships, and everything else that life throws at us, a trip to the salon may rank pretty low on the priority list. But if you haven’t had a trim in months, consider blocking a couple hours out of your schedule for a haircut. Here’s a quick way to see if you should rush to your stylist’s chair.

The hair growing from your scalp is the healthiest it will ever be. The further your hair moves away from the scalp, the more it is exposed to ”the elements,” such as extreme weather and chemical or biological agents like cleansers, solvents, metals or plants (you’d be surprised by what your hair and skin are exposed to!) By the time you get to your ends, you’re looking at serious damage.

Check for split ends by wrapping a small section of the bottom of your hair around a finger, then look for ends that stick straight up while the rest of the hair is smoothed around your finger. The best (and, really, the only) way to treat split ends is to cut them off. Split ends come quickly and seemingly out of nowhere, hence the suggestion of trims every six to eight weeks.

Aside from the elements, there are countless other factors that contribute to inevitable hair damage. Here are three questions to ask yourself to assess your damage.

How often do you wash your hair? Frequent washing strips your hair of necessary oils and proteins.

What products are you using? Overloading on various formulas can cause build-up, making hair dull and damaged.

How often do you blow-dry and heat style? Heat fries your hair (especially the ends), often leaving hair brittle and dry.

You can buy yourself some extra time between haircuts by taking good care of your tresses. Try washing your hair less, deep conditioning more often, and air drying when you can.

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