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Tricks to Taming Wild Brows: Guest Blogger

You could say Melanie Allen knows a thing or two about good hair. As the Marketing Manager and Content Editor of My Best Friend’s Hair—which helps readers find awesome stylists, salons and products—Melanie is particularly knowledgeable about all things ‘do. That’s why this week she’s giving us the scoop on salon etiquette, growing out your bangs, and more. 


My eyebrows have always been my biggest beauty struggle. My brows are thick, unruly, and downright hard to manage, and I’ve tried it all when it comes to keeping them in check. Here are my favorite tips, tricks, and products to tame even the wildest of brows (and if it works for me, it will work for anyone!).

Waxing vs. threading: For years, I was a loyal waxer. Waxing worked best for me because it was the only eyebrow maintenance solution I knew. Every four weeks, I’d pop into the salon to see my favorite esthetician. One day, I had a brow emergency and my esthetician was unavailable, so I made a last minute decision to get my brows threaded at a small shop nearby. After that first threading experience, I never looked back. I found threading to be more precise and less expensive, yielding longer lasting results. The downside? Because several hair follicles are pulled at once, threading hurt me far worse than waxing. The pain is most definitely worth it, though! Every time I have my brows threaded, I walk out feeling like I can conquer the world.

Upkeep at home: Is there anything worse than glimpsing your brows in a mirror and spotting stray hair after stray hair, connecting their way to a unibrow?! Stop your brows from really getting away from you by plucking stray hairs every few days. When plucking at home in between professional shapings, proper lighting is your best tool. I’ve found that late-morning, natural light is the brightest, allowing you to see stray hairs you may miss in the bathroom mirror. Avoid overtweezing by following the brow shape that your stylist/esthetician outlined, only tweezing and trimming stray between and underneath the brows.

Product picks: Knowing my frequent bouts of brow distress, a beauty-obsessed friend gifted me a pair of Tweezerman tweezers. Ladies, believe the hype. These tweezers are super sharp, allowing you to pluck even the shortest, hard-to-get hairs (plus Tweezerman will sharpen your tweezers for free!). Stock your brow arsenal with a brow pencil, gel or wax, tiny eyebrow scissors, and a brow comb. My go-to products are the Givenchy Mister Eyebrow wax pencil, MAC brow pencil (in the Lingering shade), and my trusty Tweezermans.

And now you have my secrets to brow success. If they work for me, they’ll work for anyone! I’m always dying to hear brow maintenance tips from other wild brow tamers. What do you use to give your brows some wow factor?

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