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3 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets To Get Right Now


On any given weekend afternoon, you’ll find me hunched over my kitchen counter, inventing a recipe using farmer’s market ingredients and make-believing that my last name is Waters—as in Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. I love getting creative and pairing unexpected flavors together (pomegranate and fennel? yes please!). What I don’t love is the laborious prep involved in cutting veggies and preparing seasonings to go into each dish. I need a sous chef stat. Recently, however, I’ve been figuring out ways to save time and space in the kitchen without cutting corners by using a few nifty gadgets. Here are the top three that I think all home cooks should have in their arsenal: 

  • Quirky Mocubo. I have about three inches of countertop space in my tiny Brooklyn kitchen, so it’s imperative that I make good use of it. I love this bamboo cutting board because it lets me sweep chopped produce into the three stowaway plastic containers as I’m cutting, which eliminates the need for legions of bowls and plates.
  • Bodum Bistro Salt and Pepper Grinder. The King and Queen of the spice world are cozying up together in this non-slip plastic grinder. No awkward plastic bottles for my table, thankyouverymuch. Fill this grinder with coarse sea salt and whole peppercorns, both of which are more flavorful than their pre-ground counterparts. 
  • Quirky Stem. The easiest way to add an intense flavor boost to any dish is with a spritz of lemon. This ingenious citrus spritzer makes seasoning a cinch since I no longer have to deal with the annoying seeds that always plop into my carefully crafted dishes.


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