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How I Learned to Love Drying My Hair

I have naturally thin, fine hair. For a long time I thought this meant that I had to air-dry my hair or risk major damage from blow dryers—but that safety measure also meant sacrificing volume, since upside-down drying is one of the best ways to amp up hair like mine. It took some product experimentation and a couple of major fails, but I’ve finally found a few products that not only make drying my hair totally easy, they also help prevent damage and don’t require any insane time commitments. 


1. Goody’s QuikStyle Paddle Brush

Also known as “the towel brush,” this large flat brush has pieces of super-absorbent material at the base of the bristles. Now that my hair is short, just running this through my strands a couple of times o soak up excess water makes a big difference. Using it in addition to the dryer makes the process lightning-fast. 


2. Arrojo Thermal Protector

I get my hair cut at Arrojo Studio (hi, Drew and Reese!), and I swear by the brand’s thermal protector. It’s a lightweight spray that you put in your hair just before drying, which keeps strands from getting fried or feeling like straw. Bonus points: it has sunscreen as part of the formula and smells great.


3. T3 Featherweight Luxe Hair Dryer

I won’t lie: when I saw that this hair dryer costs $250, I was like “no way.” But all hair dryers are not created equal, and there’s a reason that this one is so pricey: it’s worth it. Unlike more inexpensive dryers that I’ve used in the past, this one doesn’t conk out halfway through, start steaming, or emit that terrible fried hair smell. T3’s hairdryers are designed to be used by professional stylists, which means they can go all day long. Considering that I’m using it every day, this dryer has practically paid for itself.

—Lilit Marcus

A product enthusiast, Lilit Marcus covers the beauty beat for She also contributes to Jaunted and is the author of Save the Assistants.

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