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5 Question For…That’s Foxy Founders Mimi Nguyen and Kristin Ming


1: Minty Scalloped Statement Necklace | 2: Fur Pom Pom Beanie | 3: Bowie Genuine Leather Gloves | 4: Gemma Bowling Bag | 5: Triple Stacked Glimmer Rings | 6: Razor Charm Ring

Our love for fashion is almost as serious as our beauty addiction, which is why we’re such big fans of the new style site, Co-founders Mimi Nguyen and Kristin Ming created a space where you can not only share your favorite looks à la Pinterest, but also buy those styles and equally pretty accessories from their curated shop. (Your favorite looks help them choose which items to feature!) Everything about the experience is designed to make fashion and trends not only totally accessible, but also a process you can participate in as a tastemaker. Click through to find out more!

1. What inspired you two to start That’s Foxy?

We wanted to create a place where people could do two things: 1. share images of what they find stylish and 2. discover similar products that match their tastes that they can buy immediately, without the frustration that comes with hunting around for it.

It’s a way to involve the community in how we choose merchandise, and our daily product collections are based on their inspirations. Most importantly, our store is curated so that every girl can find something chic and special without being constrained by her budget. 

2. How do you decide what pieces become a That’s Foxy shop-able item?

The collection of items we curate are a mix of both community inspiration and our editorial team’s vision for what those inspirations could be. Sometimes the items sourced are very similar or exactly the same as the images that users mark as favorites. But other times a product is an interpretation that references trends and mood boards. 

As we move forward, members will add looks or ideas to a specific trend inspiration board that we create each week. Then our team will take the most popular (hearted) images from that board to help source the next collection of items, which will have at least 20 different pieces.


Meet Mimi!

3. Who or what inspires your personal style?

MN: Comfort. I have to feel comfortable and confident in my clothes. I don’t wear anything that’s too bulky, requires too much maintenance or doesn’t have a great fit. The irony is that although I’m in a fashion startup, I spend very little time thinking about what to wear since my schedule is so chaotic. That’s why I love accessories—you can spice up any outfit with a touch of sparkle. 

KM: Everyone. I appreciate everybody’s individual style and don’t think anyone can really do wrong. A lot of people wouldn’t agree, but I admire when people push boundaries and don’t conform to any rules. It inspires me to always try new things when I’m getting dressed, and I honestly think the best accessory is confidence. Once you have it, you can make absolutely any outfit work. 


Meet Kristin!

4. What’s one must-have beauty product that you can’t live without?

MN: Concealer! How else would I hide my blemishes and undereye circles (both are consequences of being in a startup).

KM: Nail polish—hands down! Polish sets the tone for my whole week, and I like to think it gives me the extra edge I may be lacking. Whether I need to boost the vixen in me and go fierce with Russian roulette red, brave the week with a calm shell like Minimalistic, or get ready to rumble with Dive Barpeople will know it because nail polish is my mood indicator. And since I tend to be a bit shy and quiet, I think it also speaks for me, which is why I can’t live without it!

5. What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received? 

We’ve both been told that a good fit makes all the difference. Not every trend or style will work for every body type, shape, or size, but with minor manipulations or alterations you can make anything work. It’s as simple as a pin, tuck or cinch away. And there’s never a need to fit yourself into any style. Instead, take what you see or like and make it work for you. So far this advice hasn’t failed either of us!


Crushing on these accessories as much as we are? That’s Foxy is offering Birchbox readers free shipping on all orders. Just enter code “BBShip” at checkout. 

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