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Impress Your Guests with Truffle Salt: Special Ops

We’re always talking about the staffers in the Birchbox office, but the ones who you interact with everyday are the ladies of our hard-working Ops team. These fabulous femmes handle all of your customer service woes. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know them even better—so here’s a peek at who’s on the other side of the phone.


‘Tis the season for entertaining! Which is why we recently launched the Birchbox Limited Edition Home Box, packed with all kinds of tips, tricks and goodies for hosting a fabulous dinner party. One of the stars you’ll find in the box is the Sabatino & Co. Roma Truffle & Sicilian Salt. A luxe ingredient like truffles might seem intimidating, but it’s a simple, delicious way to amp up any dish and much easier to use than you think.

Truffles are actually several different species of mushrooms that grow mostly in France and Italy near the roots of certain types of trees. They’re hard to find, (often located with the help of a truffle hog or dog) and because of that are sometimes worth up to $4000 per pound.  Often referred to as “Black Pearls,” they are quite literally worth their weight in gold. They have a musty, earthy aroma that can be a bit jarring at first whiff, but will quickly become the savory darling of your pantry. Truffles have been revered by chefs for over 3500 years, and lucky for us, using truffle salt as a stand-in means we can get the similar aroma and flavors without having to break the bank. 

Truffle salt is best used as a fancy finishing condiment (rather than an active cooking ingredient like some other manifestations of the fungus), and can be used with any course of any meal. See below for just a few ways you can step up your hosting game. 


There is no better (or easier) way to impress your visiting relatives than scrambled eggs on toast sprinkled with cheese and truffle salt. You just became mom’s favorite.


Mix with your favorite vinaigrette to level up your salad and make your coworkers jealous.


For appetizers (think truffled cheese with bread), sides (on top of roast fingerling potatoes or a long simmering risotto) or entrees (truffled herb butter to accompany a grilled steak), truffle salt can be used to add a layer of depth to any dish and gives you extra street cred when people are considering their holiday invitations.


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