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Pop Quiz: What do Raquel Welch and the Cast of Sex & the City Have in Common?


You might be surprised to find out that all five of these incredibly successful, gorgeous women all have one thing in common (besides being silver screen stars): wrinkle-banishing beauty brand Frownies. Raquel Welch professed a love for Frownies Facial Patches in her aptly titled autobiography Beyond the Cleavage, while Sex & the City’s makeup artist Eve Pearl confessed that the brand’s Wrinkle Treatment was an on-set essential. But our current Frownies fave, which some of you will be receiving in your Birchbox this month, are the revitalizing Eye Gels patches.


These leading ladies love Frownies®’ anti-aging products and some of our lucky subscribers will have the chance to test them out! (;

The thin gel strips have a jelly-like texture which, despite their appearance, don’t slip or slide once you’ve placed them on the under-eye area. As soon as each patch is securely added an instant cooling sensation melts away tension and soothes taut skin. After 30 minutes, cactus collagen kicks in to help reduce puffiness and dark circles (there’s a reason those prickly plants stay perky in harsh conditions!). Meanwhile, aloe vera and vitamins C and E continue working long after you remove each patch to slow the aging process and leave skin with a noticeable glow.

While many wrinkle fighting products contain powerful ingredients and boast a celeb endorsement or two, only a few can say they’ve been a go-to beauty secret for over four generations of women.

In 1889, Frownies founder Margaret Kroesen originally created “Wrinkle Eradicators” to preserve the youthful beauty of her concert pianist daughter. (Talk about a serious stage mom.) Her homemade remedy proved to be so effective she began selling the facial patches through a barber supplies company and the trend quickly caught on with skin-savvy ladies. Today, the company is still run by the Kroesen Family and produces products using the same century-old wisdom which give the same glowing results.   

If it’s good enough for Raquel Welch and her amazing complexion, then I’m definitely willing to give it a try.


Yours truly indulging in a little me time with Frownies refreshing treats! A glass of wine and an episode of Nashville not necessary, but highly encouraged. 


Make sure to keep your eye gels moist with  Frownies®’s Rose Water Hydrator Spray

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