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The Healthy Hair Challenge: Going Blonder Without the Damage


Me before and after getting my hair colored. Don’t I look so much blonder? 

This might come as a shock, but I’m not naturally this blonde. OK, well maybe that’s not a shock per se, but I do pride myself on finding extremely talented colorists. (Shout out to Jeff Chastain here in NYC and Robert Parrish in Chicago.) And now I’m adding a new name to the small list of hue wizards I trust: Noelle Chen, the director of education and a master stylist at Soho’s very posh Dop Dop Salon. 

Last week, I took a trip down to Dop Dop to see Noelle for a much-needed batch of highlights. Since I am terrible at getting my color done as frequently as I should (I usually wait five or six months), when I do get around to it, I go big. The problem is, hair wasn’t really meant for all that bleach. It normally takes a couple weeks after a salon visit for my hair to emerge from its dry and brittle state.

This time, however, my strands were in luck. Since Dop Dop is a Kérastase salon and Noelle is an artist for the brand’s TECH styling team, she recommended that I try a post-dye Fusio-Dose treatment. There are four versions of over-the-sink spray-on treatment (a departure from the usual deep conditioning masks). I got the Concentre Pixelist, which is designed for color-treated hair and helps to repair damaged follicles and restore shine.

Since the real determiner of any hydrating treatment is the touch test, as soon as my newly platinum hair was dry, I ran my fingers through it. Normally after a color sesh, I have to sort of tug my hand through because my hair a little on the stringy side. This time around though, I was pleasantly surprised. The texture was softer and smoother than usual. I almost couldn’t believe it.  

But, of course, one fantastic treatment does not healthy hair make. Using high-quality products on a daily basis is the real key to improving your hair’s quality. Ever since high school when I first started coloring my hair, I’ve relied on Kérastase products and their unbeatable formulations. Recently, I made the switch to a three step system that includes the Bain Chroma Riche shampoo, the Chroma Reflect radiance-enhancing milk, and the Masque Chroma Riche. Now that I’ve just colored my hair, I’m going to document my hair’s health with closeup photos over the next four weeks to show the difference Kérastase products make over time. I’m calling it the healthy hair challenge. Check back here next month to see for yourself!


I’m not the only one using Kérastase to save color-treated strands. Check out what Lorelei has to say about taking care of her newly dark brown locks. 

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