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Meet SRSLY’s Moms: Guest Blogger

If you haven’t heard of the online comedy series SRSLY (pronounced “seriously”) yet, let us be the proud first folks to introduce you. If you have heard of it, then you’ll know why we love the two brilliant NYU and Upright Citizen Brigade alumnae behind it. Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson’s short, snappy videos are loosely based on their 20-something lives in New York. The hilarious moments adeptly touch on experiences that many of us have every day. All this week, they’re sharing their beauty inspirations in their typical witty style.

Alexandra shares a bear hug with her mom, Elaine.

We have great relationships with our moms—we love them and respect them not only as terrific moms, but as stylish fabulous ladies. Which is why we decided to go straight to the source and ask them for their best tips and tricks. Meet Danielle’s mom, Jane, and Alex’s mom, Elaine.

Hi, Moms. What tips would you give your 25-year-old self in regards to skin care?

Elaine: Get a great cleanser and toner and use them everyday. You don’t have to spend a lot of money—I use Aquaphor and witch hazel from the drugstore.

Jane: Try to stay out of the sun and away from junk food—Big Macs and stuff. But you’re going to inherit your mother’s skin, it’s all genetics anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Do you eat any beauty foods?

J: Marmite—it’s good for you and has B vitamins, I eat it once a week. You may have to hold your nose while you eat it, though.

E: I try to eat everything I love in moderation…and sometimes not. I do love avocado, which is great for your hair and skin.

Say hello to Danielle’s mama, Jane.

What’s your best beauty trick?

E: Keep your makeup remover in the fridge. It’s so refreshing at the end of a long day!

J: Get lots of sleep. I prefer on a king sized bed with nice linens. They should be 100% cotton, Italian made. Egyptian cotton is fine. Tinted moisturizer is good too.

What’s your favorite beauty product and why?

E: A cream blush that can double as a lipstick. I can’t be bothered to carry around a bunch of products.

J: I love lip gloss because my lips always get super dry and gloss makes me feel a little more done-up! My favorite is by stila. No, not stila. NARS. Stila is for young people.

Did you ever have a celebrity whose look you wanted to copy?

E: Not really. But I do admire people with naturally beautiful skin, like Halle Berry.

J: Yes, people used to tell me I looked like Ali McGraw when I was younger so I’d try to play it up a little bit. Headscarves, you know.

Don’t miss the rest of SRSLY’s hilarity—check out their guest blogger series here.

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