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SRSLY’s Hair Commandments: Guest Blogger

If you haven’t heard of the online comedy series SRSLY (pronounced “seriously”) yet, let us be the proud first folks to introduce you. If you have heard of it, then you’ll know why we love the two brilliant NYU and Upright Citizen Brigade alumnae behind it. Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson’s short, snappy videos are loosely based on their 20-something lives in New York. The hilarious moments adeptly touch on experiences that many of us have every day. All this week, they’re sharing their beauty inspirations in their typical witty style.


We love hair talk, and we’ve got some SRSLY strong opinions. Check it, don’t wreck it (your hair, that is):

1. Save the ponies for the glue factory.
That means no ponytails, EVER! (Okay, fine: at the gym it’s cool). Your hair shouldn’t be like a scary secret attic creature. Let it be free! If you’re rocking a chronic pony, it’s probably time for a haircut.

2. If you can be a blonde, be a blonde.
Not everyone gets this gift from God, so if you won the genetic lottery, find your perfect shade and take advantage of it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is still single for a reason, guys.*

3. Bangs are like having a baby on your head.
Before you grab your scissors and your Zooey Deschanel inspiration pictures, know what you’re signing up for! Bangs are extremely high-maintenance, with daily blow-drys, constant trims, and high potential for forehead acne. We’re not saying don’t do it. We’re just saying sleep on it…for a week.

4. Don’t be afraid to attack strangers for the name of their stylist.
Just think: behind every cool person with awesome hair is another even cooler person with even more awesome hair and a pair of scissors. You deserve a great haircut, too! If you see the cut of your dreams walk by, reach out and grab it! (Not literally though, that’s assault.)

*SRSLY are two brown-haired feminists who also strongly believe that rules are made to be broken.

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