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The Spa at The Peninsula: Guest Blogger

Though we’re New Yorkers, we’ve always had a thing for Chicago—the gorgeous lakefront, the deep dish pizza, the friendly people—plus, one of our editors calls it home! Which is why we’re pumped to bring you a guest blogger series from CheekyChicagoThe online lifestyle magazine is packed with the latest events to attend, restaurants to hit, and of course, places to shop. Lucky for us, Cheeky’s Editor-in-Chief Erica Bethe Levine is imparting her Windy City wisdom all week long.

Anti-aging. Ick. I can’t even accept the fact that I’m of an age where this dirty word is part of my daily vocabulary. Although I take very good care of my skin, use high quality products, and remove my makeup even after a too-much-Champagne kind of night, I am certainly not one to take it to the extreme. Botox? Never! Facelift? As if! But I’m very happy to embrace any sort of skincare treatment that the Peninsula Spa has up its pretty little sleeve.

Enter the Peninsula’s 90-minute Ultimate Lifting and Firming Microderm Facial. In retrospect, I think it should be re-named the Heavenly, Ooh-La-La, Wowzah, Hell Yeah Facial. It features the CACI Ultimate machine—a tried-and-true answer to toning and firming skin throughout Europe. This safe alternative to cosmetic surgery (phew!) allows skin to instantly look more toned and firm, thanks to the dual power of light therapy and microdermabrasion. Who knew one machine could pack so much punch?

Since I’ve only had frivolous 60-minute facials in the past, I had no idea how Liz (the BEST and wittiest therapist in Chicago) would fill the entire 90-minutes of my snowy Friday afternoon. I’ll tell you how:

Step 1-5: Thorough consultation of the skin, cleanse, skin analysis, application of cold muslin cloth (though I proclaimed that I had dry skin, Liz said it didn’t matter because I looked 13-years-old—hello, anti-aging!)

Step 6-10: Blot dry, microdermabrasion with LED light therapy using the CACI Ultimate, application of cold muslin cloth + skin concentrates, micro-current facelift (I’m a novice and blinking machines near my face tend to scare me, but Liz kept me updated and in-the-know throughout the entire session…until I told her I was going to rest my eyes and she just went on her merry way. Perfect.)

Step 11-14: Collagen hydratone mask (using microcurrent feathering), LED light therapy treatment over entire face, application of cold muslin cloth, concentrate, and moisturizer (there was definitely a head, neck, and scalp massage thrown in there as well).

Step 15: Repeat.

Just kidding. I wish there was a Step 15. This facial was hands-down the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my face…or any other part of my body above the waist. The products felt and smelled amazing. I could actually feel the CACI Ultimate technology working in real-time (although this is a very pleasant treatment, there are moments of brief stinging as it is a light therapy procedure). Liz was friendly and knowledgeable (she’s armed with fun facts, like how most of the dust in your house is actually dead skin…ew!). She also had the touch of an angel: I walked out feeling like I really did have the skin of a 13-year-old. A 13-year-old who spent her afternoon at the Peninsula’s Spa.

And when I took a brief shopping detour on the way home, the cashier at TopShop  asked what I was doing for such glowy skin—even more icing on the cake. 

Can’t make it to the Peninsula? Here’s how to create your own spa treatments at home.

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