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How to Avoid Breakouts During Your Holiday Travels

Avoid impending holiday zits with these handy dermatologist tips. (Photo:

It never fails—I go on a trip and my skin freaks out (hence, the great big post-Turkey Day pimple on my forehead). But it’s not like I’m using anything new or different. When traveling, I bring along the same ol’ skincare regimen and use it the same ol’ way. So, what’s the deal? According to Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., a New York City dermatologist, “Constant traveling can really take a toll on skin, no matter what your destination is.”  Here’s what he says could be to blame for the zits and excessive flakiness some of us endure during vacay. 

You didn’t hydrate enough pre-flight. 
Unless you’re riding the Dreamliner, one of the new Boeing super-planes that has a cabin with cleaner, less dry oxygen, then typically the air in airplanes cabin is gross, recirculated nastiness that dries out skin to no end. A one liter bottle of water is enough to drink in-flight, but Dr. Frank suggests getting a head start by beginning to hydrate the night before your flight. 

You didn’t switch up your skincare regimen. 
Your usual skincare products may be perfect for your skin type—just not right for where you’re headed. If you’re going someplace hot and humid, bring gel products (cleansers, moisturizers, etc.). Going to sit fireside in a freezing cold locale? Pack a cream as opposed to a lotion. And if you’re traveling to a dry locale (think: Nevada), pack the thickest cream you can find, says Dr. Frank. 

You forgot to factor in the wind. 
We often think about how cold or hot it is when packing our skincare, but often times we forget about those wind gusts. When you’re going to a blustery destination, apply a thin layer of ointment over your skin. “As long as you’re not acne prone, this is a great way to protect skin against the elements,” says Dr. Frank. Also, take a break from exfoliating when you’re in a windy area as scrubs strip away the protective layer of skin that you need. 

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