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What’s In My Makeup Bag?: Middle School Edition

Readers, allow us to introduce you to Rebecca Zimmerman, the wise-beyond-her-years daughter of Birchbox’s lawyer. We first fell in love with Becca when she sent a personalized Birchbox to our co-founder Katia earlier this year. Not only had the teen filled the box with a selection of her tried-and-true beauty faves, but she’d also decorated the box with hand-drawn leopard print. In addition to being a product whiz, she is also a great writer—which is why we asked her to make a cameo on the Birchbox Blog. Read on for her makeup bag picks. 

As a teenager, it’s hard to find a makeup look that’s quick, easy, and won’t be criticized in the hallways. While it’s difficult to pick the items I use the most (the amount of makeup I wear always depends on my mood), I can tell you the products that I always keep in my bag:

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara: An absolute must. I use this almost every day. Out of all the mascaras I have tried, this works the best for me. It volumizes and lengthens my eyelashes without clumping.

Boscia One-Step-Wonder B.B. Cream: For those who don’t know, B.B. cream stands for Beauty Balm, which is typically a tinted cream or lotion that you apply on your face before the rest of your makeup. Since the BB cream covers it all, I don’t need foundation, bronzer, or moisturizer.

Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder: As you may have realized, I like products with multiple uses. I use the pressed powder to seal in my B.B. cream, or to make my face more matte (I know, not that glamorous, but teens do have oily skin sometimes). It can also be used for oily hair. Just apply a little to the roots and work through with the fingers—instant dry shampoo.

Dermstore Lip Quench: I hate, hate, hate having chapped lips! Dermstore’s lip quench is a great investment. It lasts forever and keeps my lips moisturized and shiny all day. Plus, it smells amazing!

Maybelline Coverstick: While most of the time I don’t need concealer or cover-up because of my BB cream and matte powder, there are days when I am feeling too lazy for all of that. This coverstick is easy to apply and completely hides any blemishes or dark circles!

—Rebecca Zimmerman

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