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Copy Cat: Chanel Iman’s Dramatic Double-Winged Look

Chanel Iman. Photo: BellaSugar

Birchbox’s brand relationship manager, Alta

Our stellar brand relationship manager, Alta, is gearing up to do a different eyeliner look every day next week for the Birchbox Beauty Diaries (check back next Friday!). As we were researching techniques for her to try, we came across this stunning picture of Chanel Iman sporting a double-winged liner look at a Victoria’s Secret event on Tuesday. It was so bold, so sexy — Alta couldn’t wait until Monday to test-drive it.

Here’s a rundown of the products she used to create this sultry eye and some of her tips:

I tackled the liner on my upper lid by starting from the inner corner of my eye and drawing a line slight above my lashline with the Napolean Perdis liquid liner. I then went back and filled it in creating a really thick line. Next, I made the top wing by drawing a very thin line straight out of the corner.

The bottom was a bit trickier. First I lined my lower lashes with Laura Mercier’s Kohl eye liner in Stormy Grey. The bottom line actually extends past the lash line on both the inside and outside of the eye and to do this, you need to hold you skin taught so you can draw a really straight and thin line. Then I took a pink eyeshadow from my Chantecaille pallet and added a swipe of color below the line for a girly effect. I made the mistake of doing the color after doing the line, which made it tricky not to smudge.  Last, but not least, I finished it off with a couple coats of Benefit BadGal Mascara to really dramatize my eyes—it’s the next best thing to having fake lashes!

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