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Guest Blogger: Stripes and Sequins’s DIY Awesome

Sadness. Today is the final day of our guest blogger series with the wonderful Grace of Stripes and Sequins. We didn’t think she could outdo yesterday’s super helpful post on troubleshooting Sally Hanson Salon Effects — but today she is giving us a crash course in DIY Beauty. Are you excited? You should be! Read on…

If you’ve checked out my blog, then you know I’m a little DIY crazy. If I see something that I want (and can’t afford it or am just feeling crafty), I try to make it. Sometimes it goes well — other times it goes horribly wrong. Here are a few winners:

Greige Nails: Gray nails were all the rage last year and the trend is still hot, but it’s really a “griege” (gray beige a la Chanel’s Khaki Rose) that is the most in right now. By mixing your own, you can achieve the perfect color at home. Mix 45% white, 45% peach/nude, and 10% black nail polish to get it. Alicia from Dismount Creative just did a great DIY on gray nails…check it out here!

The New Pastels: Pastels will always be in for Spring but lately it’s all about the dirty/dusty pastel shades. Take last year’s pastels (Essie’s Lilacism, Lapis of Lazuli, and Mint Candy Apple) and add a few drops of black polish to give them a dirty/dusty feel a la the so-on-trend American Apparel polishes. Just a tiny bit of black and you’ll have a dusty rose, a more rebellious lavender, and a mossy mint.

DIY Highlighter: My MAC eyeshadow recently had a spontaneous combustion – it just turned to dust overnight. Not to worry — just dump the contents into an empty palette or makeup container and mix in a bit of Vaseline. Voila — instant highlighter! Get creative: if your eyeshadow isn’t highlighter-appropriate, use your new formulation as cream eyeshadow or a lip gloss. Adding it to body or face lotion is another great (and less greasy) alternative. Apply to your shoulders, collarbone, and anywhere else you think needs a little extra shimmer.

PS: A few notes on mixing nail polishes: Start with the color you’re using the most of, and pour some out (for example, for the dirty pastels pour out some of the base color and then carefully pour in some black). Stop and shake along the way to make sure you like the color. If the nail polish doesn’t already have a shaker bead, put in a few small glass beads to help it mix up well. 

Read all of Grace’s posts here.

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