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Movie Magic: Creative’s Corner

Our creative team is pretty, well, creative and they come across beautiful imagery, design, and so much more all the time. Once a week, they’ll be sharing their latest inspirations—from pretty-hued wrapping paper to silly YouTube memes—so you can see the unexpected items that get them fired up.

Movies (clockwise from top left):  1. Moonrise Kingdom 2. In The Mood for Love 3. The Fall 4. 2001 A Space Odyssey 5. West Side Story 6. Lost in Translation

Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I turn to films. I love how all the different parts of a movie work together in perfect harmony—the score, the story, the beautiful images. But what really makes a story successful for me is when I can pull out any single moment and feel like it’s just as evocative alone as when it’s part of a whole story. As a photographer, I strive to have that magic moment in everything that I create. 


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