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Diary of a LASIK Procedure: Way Better Than You’d Think

To all the ladies out there who wear glasses, I think you probably know how I feel. More than a few times I’ve considered giving up my hipster frames, cutting back on the expense of contacts and finally getting LASIK done. But the idea of having a laser on my eye made me nervous.

Lucky for me, my cousin Srini in South Florida has treated several family members who’ve all had great experiences. This year he finally gave me the okay to get the procedure now that I’m old enough, so I decided, why not? Everyone told me it’s a life changing experience that I wouldn’t regret. (Plus, who better to treat me than my own cousin?) To help those of you considering LASIK, I thought I would record the day-to-day so you have an idea of what to expect. It’s really not nearly as bad as you would think:

Day Before Surgery, The Check Up

10:00 am: Head to my cousin’s clinic for a quick check up to make sure I was eligible for LASIK.

11:00 am: Eyes dilated and everything is officially a blur.

11:20 am: X-ray’s are taken to see the back of my eye.

12:00 pm: Officially LASIK approved!

Day of Surgery—LASIK Time

9:00 am: Numbing drops are put into my eye and I take a Tylenol PM so I’ll be drowsy enough to sleep all day and let my eyes recover.

10:00 am: Here goes! My cousin instructs me to imagine that I’m on the beach, and walks me through the procedure step-by-step as it’s happening. 

The actual procedure takes under five minutes and each eye is complete in what feels like seconds. My cousin uses a tool to keep my eyes open so I don’t blink. I feel a slight pressure on my eye, which the doctors refer to as a “suction.” My cousin quickly warns me that this will be the most painful part of the procedure, so I’m relieved once it’s over. Then, I see a bunch of red dots, which I later find out is the actual laser. Within a few minutes he says, “alright you’re all set” and moves on to the next eye. I’m surprised with how quickly the whole procedure goes by.

10:20 am: Surgery complete! I’m taken into a dark room and close my eyes for 15 minutes to relax and let the Tylenol PM kick in.

10:35 am: My cousin instructs me on the three (!) different drops I will have to use for the next week. Some I have to apply twice a day and others once every hour.

10:45 am: I’m wearing huge, ridiculous sunglasses and my cousin’s wife drives me home. (I can’t keep my eyes open!).

11:30 am: Doctor’s orders—bed for at least four hours. The longer I sleep, the quicker my eyes will heal.

4:00 pm: Woke up in amazement. I could see!

Day After Surgery—The Follow Up Appointment 

8:00 am: I wake up and forget that I’ve had LASIK. Look for my glasses. Oops!

8:10 am: My eyes feel dry (normal for the day after). I put in my three different drops. One of them is extremely milky!

9:00 am: Drive myself to my cousin’s office. The optometrist looks at my eyes first. I tell him my right eye sees a little blurry, but the left eye feels perfect. After taking a look, he says everything looks just as it should.

9:30 am: My cousin looks at my eyes as well. He tells me that over the next few weeks everything will become much clearer and keeps reminding me to use the drops so my eyes heal quicker.

10:00 am: Do some shopping. As long as I have sunglasses on and take my drops regularly, my eyes feel great.

7:00 pm: My right eye feels 100% perfect. I can see 20/20!

The whole process was quick and relatively painless (although I wouldn’t care to do it twice). I think everyone psyches themselves out about the procedure, but I don’t know anyone who regrets getting it done. I’m still amazed that I don’t have to remove my contacts every night. There are several precautionary measures I have to take during the healing process, but the biggest challenge? No eye makeup for a week! Now that’s the really stressful part. 

Have you thought about getting LASIK? Let us know about your experience!


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