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How To: DIY Glitter Ribbon

You may have caught sight of an extra sparkly ribbon on the cover of our Holiday 2012 Gift Guide and in our new Holiday Shop. Our creative team made the ribbon themselves! We liked it so much (duh, it’s glittery) that we persuaded them to create a step-by-step tutorial for us. Time to glisten up!

Step 1: Get spray adhesive* or a quick-drying paste like mod podge, ribbon (we chose satin to make it feel more luxe), scissors, and a fine glitter like Martha Stewart’s Crafts Glitter.

*Note: Spray glue should be applied on newspaper and in a well-ventilated area.

 Step 2: Measure out about a yard of ribbon and then cut. 

Step 3: Tape down ribbon using a heavy weight masking tape. 

Step 4: Spray the portion of the ribbon that you want to be glittered.

Step 5: Shake glitter out on top of the glue, going back and forth to make sure any “bald” spots are nicely covered up.

Step 6: Allow the glitter to settle and the glue to dry. It should be okay to touch after about 10 minutes.

Step 7: Use the ribbon to decorate gifts or add a little shimmer to your holiday decor. We tied it into a bow here and attached it to a Birchbox (which is a great last minute holiday gift)!

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