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The African Body Butter That Rescued My Dry Hands

Start treating chapped hands with this heroic body butter. (Photo at top:; Photo at bottom left:

Even though I’m a beauty fanatic, I rarely give my dry hands the TLC they need. From ravaged cuticles to an awkward fear of handshakes, the evidence of my neglect is clear. But with New Year’s resolutions fast approaching, I decided to turn this sad situation around.

While there’s no shortage of dry-hand treatments out there, many tend toward the greasy side and offer only quick fixes. For a lasting solution, I knew it would take something different. Enter Shea Terra Organics BANANAS & BAOBABS Whipped Shea Butter Ultimate Moisturizing Body Crème.

I was drawn to this product by its top-notch ingredients and the nifty fact that traditional African beauty recipes inspired the Body Crème’s unique formula. Kicking off the awesomeness is all-natural baobab oil. This healing oil is extracted from baobab trees, which grow exclusively in Africa and can live to be over 3000 years old. Packed with Vitamins A, D, E, and F, the oil rejuvenates the damaged skin cells that crowd the surface of parched hands. Up next is superhydrating shea butter, and Shea Terra’s variety proves that not all shea butters are created equal. Harvested by indigenous African tribes and completely organic, the butter penetrates deep into dry skin to deliver a calming dose of vitamin A.

Now on to the scent, which comes courtesy of banana extract. I’m a huge fan (then again I’m a fan of banana bread, banana cream pie, and PB-and-banana sandwiches), but if fruity notes aren’t your thing, not to worry—this rich moisturizer also comes in Gingered Pumpkin, White Chocolate, and Rooibos & Berries. And don’t let its moniker as a general body moisturizer deter you—this skin savior hydrates better than many hand-specific salves, oils, and creams.

The results: After a few uses, the shea butter had delivered a cease and desist order to the dryness that plagued my hands. Between the Crème’s lush texture and irresistible scent, I’m confident I can keep this resolution all winter long—after all, my hands are responsible for numerous tweets, Instagrams, and Birchbox blog posts.


Shea Terra Organics supports African tribes that depend on shea butter sales for economic stability. For more brands that give back look here!

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