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How To Stop Hat Hair: Hairistocracy

Taylor Swift sporting an adorable red beanie paired with her signature red lips. (Photo:

It’s time to break out the hats, ladies! As we witnessed here in New York last week (hello, Nor’easter!), winter is closer than we’d like to admit. While cold weather can be a bummer, I’ve never been more excited for it since that means I can finally don the season’s latest hats. 

There’s one very important thing that calls for your attention though, when wearing a chapeau: every hat must eventually come off, and that means the inevitable return of hat hair. So how are you going to keep your strands beautifully voluminous and tousled beneath your favorite beanie?  

The secret is to use dry shampoo. While one of my favorite formulas is Oscar Blandis Volumizing dry shampoo spray, right now I’m also loving Aveda’s Pure Abundance hair potion. This wonder product is small in size but has a big impact—think of it as secret fairy dust for your hair. The potion actually contains tiny molecules of water that cleanse the scalp, add texture,and give your strands serious lift after hours wearing a hat.
Here’s how to apply it: Before you start, be sure to separate your hair into sections so you expose the scalp. To apply the product like a powder-spray, squeeze the sides of the bottle, aiming at the top and crown of your head. Then run your fingers through your strands and texturize—this will help the product spread evenly while really cleansing and adding lift to all of your hair. 
Designer Erin Wasson is on the beanie bandwagon too. (Photo:

For those of us who need a ton of extra volume, flip your hair upside down as if you were blowdrying. Separate out a section of hair just below the crown, and give the bottle a few squeezes aimed onto the exposed scalp, then flip back to style. 
Now go disrupt this season’s chill with some killer hair beneath those warm accessories.
What’s your go-to trick for beating hat hair? 
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