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The Beauty Essential That Can Transform Your Entire Makeup Collection

From top left: the pièce de résistance in my beauty collection, stila’s sparkly all over shimmer liquid luminizer; a swipe of the luminizer in kitten; the stila goodies I transformed (complete with my high-tech blending aid—a paper dixie plate); the resulting creamy creation. 

I try (and love) plenty of beauty products but only a select few earn a permanent spot in my already crowded makeup bag. stila’s shimmery luminizer is one of the chosen ones. Being a total highlighter-fanatic, I’m very familiar with how a topnotch luminizer can simultaneously spotlight our best features and downplay beauty blemishes. This multipurpose highlighter does both those things, with the added bonus of coming in a delightfully light liquid formula that can be blended with all sort of products. 

I’ve been doing some experimenting and adding the shimmer to all sorts of products, from outdated lip gloss and matte foundations to dull eye shadows. I’ve been amazed about how just a few drops of luminizer can completely transform a product. Click through for my step-by-step guide to highlighter alchemy.

Use a clean foundation or concealer brush to mix a small amount of the luminizer with your favorite cream- or powder-based products. I used stila’s mini #35 brush, which comes with their stay all day foundation, concealer, and brush kit and found that the tightly packed bristles helped me smooth out any lumps.

The world is your (shimmery) oyster but some of my most successful experiments have involved updating my go-to products. I’ve added the luminzer to stila’s stay all day™ foundation to give my matte base an incandescent finish and blended a bit with stila’s neutral eyeshadow bare to create a rich creamy hue. I’ve added it to stila’s convertible lip color in cherry blossom for a buttery lipstick and even mixed a bit of luminizer with my daily moisturizer for a glowy effect.

The luminizer comes in three flattering hues: Bronze, Kitten, and Rose Gold. All lend themselves to fun experimenting. And since you can use this product to get more out of your existing collection, it’s definitely a smart investment. 


Craving more shimmer? Experiment with stila’s all over shimmer luminizer try-me set.

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