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5 Products That Totally Saved My Damaged Hair

If you get a brand new hairstyle that usually means a whole new hair care regimen. (Photo:

Just before Labor Day this year, I colored my hair for the first time ever. I usually have your run-of-the-mill sleek Asian black hair, and felt like I needed to make a big change—so I got serious red highlights. (Thank you, Mad Men for the inspiration.) While I love the color and the touch of sass that came with it, learning how to handle dyed strands—no lying on white pillow cases while hair is wet!—has taken me on a whole new hair care journey. Here are five products that I’m using to keep my newly tinted tresses happy and healthy:  

Maintaining My Tint: As I left my colorist, she handed me two sample packets of Kerastase’s Chroma Sensitive and instructed me not to use anything else for two weeks to help maintain my color. The two-in-one cleanser and conditioner not only cuts down on my shower time everyday, but it also keeps suds to a minimum so I don’t inadvertently scrub the color out of my hair and into the drain.

Repairing The Damage: Doug Bielanski, national director of education at Frederic Fekkai, told me processed hair needs reparative formulas to help mend brittleness and breakage, both of which are frustratingly frequent for me now. That’s why I’ve been using amika’s Obliphica hair mask at least once a week—the amino acids in the formula immediately help re-hydrate my fragile tresses.

Adding Back Shine: One thing I never anticipated losing was my natural shine, and processing my hair seemed to suck out almost all the glisten. That’s why I’ve been relying heavily on hair oils this fall. Before I step out in the morning, I use a dime-sized dose of Orofluido’s vanilla-scented Elixir, rub it between my hands, and apply to my hair to get a glossy sheen. 

Taming the Frizz and Baby Hair: I thought I had frustrating baby hairs before, but now I have exceptionally unruly baby frizz. So, I’ve taken to sneaking some Ouidad Climate Control gel into my locks to calm down unwieldy bits and to prevent an Einstein-esque look. The added benefit? The gel also heat protects my hair from its daily encounter with my blow dryer. 

Saving My Split Ends: For the first time in years, I’ve started to see those tiny white dots appear at the bottom of my strands. As soon as I catch sight of them, I start using Nexxus’ Pro-Mend shampoo. It helps repair damage with natural rich coconut oil by binding the ends back together so I don’t have to schedule yet another trim with my stylist. 


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