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We’ve Got the Itch—And We Don’t Like It!

K.O the itch with this lush body scrub from uberchic French brand NUXE. (Photo:

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical paradise, you’ve probably experienced the dry, itchy skin that comes with wintry weather conditions.

Not only is itchy skin uncomfortable, but for us New Yorkers it has major social repercussions—one scratch too many, and you might be suspected of carrying the city’s dreaded scourge: bedbugs.

Rather than let this beauty no-no turn me into a social leper, I’ve turned to NUXE’s Fondant Body Scrub to stave off itchy, flaky, and cracked skin. While I used to think rich body butters alone would do the trick (amassing a lifetime supply in the process as part of my valiant efforts), I recently discovered my reasoning was a bit misguided.

As it turns out, a major itch-inducing culprit—dead skin cells—can build up on the skin’s surface, creating a barrier between skin and the moisturizers I’d been lathering on. But by adding exfoliation to the mix, those dead skin cells scrub away, allowing my heavy-duty moisturizer to get down to business.

This French brand’s luxe body exfoliator is just what the (chic) dermatologist ordered. A hard-working team of lychee stone extracts, walnut shell powder, and orange zest refresh dull skin and infuse the scrub with a delicate scent. And the varied grain sizes buff away dead cells to banish the itch for good!

While showering, massage a generous amount into wet skin—and if you happen to be a New Yorker, prep yourself for a busy social season.


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