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Want Serious Deals on Designer Duds? Visit Closet Rich

We love clothing and we love good deals, so obviously we were giddy when we came across the curated fashion resale site Closet Rich. Founded by Elizabeth Kott, the site’s merchandise runs the gamut, from $28 Reformation tanks to $299 Louboutins. We caught up with Kott to talk about the idea behind her burgeoning business and to pick up some savvy style tips for the rest of the fall season. 
Q: Where did the idea for Closet Rich come from? 

A: Having worked in the digital fashion and marketing space for a number of years, I saw myself and my counterparts experiencing a steady flow of additions to our closets—we were closet rich. But when I wanted to get rid of some of my fashionable goodies to make way for new additions, I consistently found myself craving a service to help me sell and donate all my stuff. This need, coupled with my interest in the pieces that my fashion-forward friends were also purging, lead to Closet Rich.

Q: What makes the site unique from others like it? 

A: Closet Rich is a referral based consignment service and online store that sources its inventory directly from the closets of the fashion and entertainment industry’s heaviest hitters. The fact is that everyone who (anonymously) consigns with us has incredible style. The high quality of the sellers leads to the very high quality of our selection. We aim for our shoppers to feel like they are getting the first dibs on their best-dressed friends’ closet purges. 

Q: What kind of shopper gravitates towards Closet Rich? 

A: Smart girls with style. Our shopper subscribes to the idea that she can have both the coveted name brands and the standout pieces in their closets without paying retail or having to go through hell and high water to find them. This consumer understands that you can be totally closet rich without being legitimately poor.

Q: How much does your personal taste reflect the selection on the site?

I built Closet Rich with myself as the customer in mind. The site ranges from simple basics with tags still on to outlandish vintage ’60s dresses. This variety reflects my own personal style in that if I think it’s a great piece and I feel confident in it, I wear it. My go-to outfits range from tees with jeans and driving shoes to printed dresses paired with six inch platform stilettos. 

Q: What are some of your favorite pieces that are currently for sale?

Q: Aside from what’s available on the site, what are some of your must-haves for fall? 

A: A tailored camel coat, a pair of leather pants that fit perfectly (and that don’t break the bank—please let me know if you find these anywhere), and my go-to t-shirts from Cotton Citizen.


If you’re really in the mood to spend, check out Shoptiques, which is a unique new site that brings the experience of boutique shopping online. 

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