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Why I Precleanse: Guest Blogger

Girl Around Town co-founders, Leigh Evans and Mary Cunningham, created an online community for women to talk about the latest in fashion, beauty, food, and more. The site boasts jet-setting writers who are based in Los Angeles, Houston and New York, all of whom have the insider deets on the hottest things to do and see all over the globe.

On any given day we put a lot of stuff on our faces: serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, highlighter, foundation, powder—and that’s not even the eyes and lips. Even the freshest faces end up with loads of environmental gunk on them by the end of the day, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who realized that a washed face doesn’t always mean a clean face.

That’s why pre-cleansers have become a mandatory staple in my skincare regimen. 

After subjecting facialists and beauty counter experts to a rigorous Q&A, I fell under the trance of the precleanse because—as it was explained to me and of course there’s more scientific and official lingo out there—the oil formula is fairly magical. It adheres to any residue on the skin, removing all the pore-clogging agents without removing the good oils that keep a face moisturized. Then, even a gentle cleanser can get into pores and do its job.

It’s worth the extra step, and my two faves are Origins Clean Energy and Dermalogica precleanse. They really get the job done. 

Do you precleanse before you wash your face?

—Mary Joan Cunningham

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