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How to Get Out of a Beauty Rut: Guest Blogger

Monique Valeris of home and design blog Decor Musings always has fantastic suggestions for how to spruce up your domestic space, but she’s also an avid beauty fan with a keen eye for products. Which is why she’s the perfect person to tell us how to meld our love of makeup and home design together. This week, she’s sharing her tips on the best beauty gifts for your house guests, the accent wall color she loves right now, and more.

Jessica Biel routinely changes up her beauty look by adding a touch of a new color, opting for bangs, or even trying innovative hairstyles. (Photo: Getty Images)

We all get stuck in an outdated beauty routine from time to time. So here are four easy tricks you can use to help shake things up: 

1. Take stock of the beauty products you currently have. Pay attention to the items that you use frequently as well as those you never reach for. Dividing them into two separate piles will help you see what you use too often and what you can experiment with more.

2. Switch things up. Now this is the point where you need to be brave. Instead of reaching for the same coral-colored blush day after day, try a touch of a pink. If you’re always grabbing the fire red lipstick, opt for a deeper mauve. You don’t have to make a huge change, even a tiny tweak can help get you in the mindset to try something new.

3. Look for inspiration. Browse makeup tutorials on YouTube, check out the latest beauty trends in women’s magazines and don’t forget to read your favorite blogs to find new makeup looks you want to try. You might be surprised to find that by even adding a few new tips to your routine, you can breathe life and freshness into your daily rituals.

4. Finally, don’t settle. Whenever you notice yourself sticking to the same makeup look for too long, repeat the process above. Makeup isn’t just about enhancing your beauty, it’s also about having fun.

Another way to revamp your beauty routine? Adding unexpected colors into the mix—Monique’s favorite hue for the season is cobalt.

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