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Are You A Scrunchie Gal?

Left: Birchbox’s brand relationship manager, Alta. Right: Stephanie Tanner from Full House.

A couple of weeks ago after a particularly frenetic work week, a couple of us were at the office later than usual trying to get things finished up before the weekend. Since Friday evenings aren’t generally the most productive works hours, it should come as no surprise that we lapsed into a lot of chatter. What might come as a shock though is that we stumbled onto the topic of everyone’s favorite hair accessory to hate: the scrunchie.

I was convinced that no stylish woman, definitely no New Yorker, has owned one since the late ’90s. But our brand relationship manager, Alta, set me straight. A card-carrying member of the scrunchie fan club, Alta wears the poofy fabric-covered elastics around her apartment and even in public, albeit only to the gym. But here’s the real kicker: she is both fashion-savvy AND a resident of NYC proper. So does this mean that the Carrie Bradshaw theory about scrunchie-wearers is completely debunked? Just maybe. Even though you won’t catch me wearing one, Alta did get me to thinking that maybe there are more young, cool, trendsetting women out there that own them and just don’t admit to it. I thought an anonymous poll would be a good way to figure this out—if you love your scrunchie, be proud and cast your vote below!


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