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Birchbox’s Hurricane Sandy Disaster Kit

A little more than a year ago, Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on the eastern seaboard, and all of New York City shut down in preparation for it. Now the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern parts of the US have been put on high alert for Hurricane Sandy. Don’t be caught unawares! In preparation for torrential downpours and hours-long blackouts, here’s what we’re stocking up on to get through the Frankenstorm.


Papa Chen would be mortified to know that the only candles in my apartment are of the Diptyque and Atelier variety. While I love Illume’s mini candles (so cute!), I’ll probably go the practical route and grab some extra-large candles and backup flashlight batteries at the hardware store.” —Mollie, Editorial Director

"I’m going to grab bottled water, snack bars (I’m a fan of LÄRABARs), and haul out the camping lanterns from the cabinet under my sink. Then stock up on some yummy food to cook and be thankful that I have a gas stove.” —Benedicta, Director of Editorial Operations

"In the event of a hurricane-induced apocalypse, I’ll want two things handy: a reliable flashlight (like this Areaware Torch made of sustainable wood—how cool is that?) and an endless supply of Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks. Yep, guess I’m the quintessential Brooklynite.”  —Mai, Managing Marketing Copy Coordinator

"I’m picking up a new book and a few magazines to keep myself entertained if the power goes out. I’ll be pulling out some board games and Catch Phrase for the same reason!” —Lorelei, Editor & Video Manager

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