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Why I’m Giving Mineral Makeup Another Try

Like most women who’ve struggled with problematic skin, I’ve bounced around between many different foundations over the years. At some point I was convinced by a salesperson that mineral makeup was the solution to all my problems. Needless to say, using a loose mineral foundation didn’t make my skin clear up and didn’t cover my blemishes or acne scars.

Fast forward about seven years and I’m thinking of mineral makeup in a whole new light thanks to Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics founder Pauline Youngblood. Click through to learn why I’m seriously considering a switch from my beloved liquid foundation.

As a medical aesthetician for a dermatologist and plastic surgeon, Youngblood’s background gave her real insight into the needs of those with problematic skin. While researching products to recommend to patients, she’d hit a wall. “They’d be going home and putting on something that was clogging their skin and wasn’t allowing it to breathe,” she said. Youngblood’s work also gave her access to information about irritants and ingredients to avoid. She soon found that the foundations which gave enough coverage were just too heavy. “They looked and felt like you were wearing a mask and aggravated the skin condition. People just hated wearing them.”

Eventually her research led Youngblood to develop her own line of mineral makeup, even though at the time (over 16 years ago) the products on the market weren’t up to snuff. “I fell in love with the concept, but they were really artificial looking—really pink or orange and the color selection wasn’t very natural.” So she created a foundation that was not only paraben and filler-free, but also worked with a variety of skin tones and covered any problem areas.

Today her line has expanded beyond the original loose mineral foundation she sold in dermatology and plastic surgery offices, and includes everything from eyeshadow palettes to glossy lip colors. It’s even become a favorite on TV and movie sets—unusual for mineral makeup, which is usually too shimmery to look good on camera. (We’re big fans of their Mineral Eye Shadow and Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfection Powder).

Luckily for me, Youngblood had a few tips for getting the most out of mineral products. First and foremost she says a primer is critical. “You can’t put minerals directly on oily, sweaty, or recently moisturized skin,” so using a mineral primer  or rice powder first will ensure an even application. Secondly, pay attention to the brush you’re using. According to Youngblood, “the more dense a brush is, the more coverage you’re going to get. The fluffier a brush is, the harder it is to buff in.”

Are you a fan of mineral makeup? If not, what would it take to convert you?


Learn more tips for applying mineral makeup in our video, 5 Tips For Using Mineral Makeup.

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